Security environment is necessary for the safety of resident of the society. For this purpose Fauji Security Services (FSS) professional Guards are working in the scheme 24/7. All the guards are well equipped professional and trained to monitoring the security aspect of the scheme.


Army Welfare Trust Housing Scheme Lahore Phase II Mosque.


Construction of Boundary Wall Work started in 2003. 32000 rft walls has been completed. Height of wall is 6 feet. It will provide a secure and attractive image of the society.


The electrification system of scheme has been planned and executed in coordination with Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) authorities. Separate Grid Station has been constructed for this purpose to cater for power consumption needs of the residents. Land for grid station has been provided by AWT. Internal electric distribution system has already been erected with 200 KVA transformers in all Sectors of Phase II.


Sufficient green areas have been provided in all the sectors for the purpose of horticulture. Modern equipment has been employed on this task. Plantation along roads and streets has been started and will progress in a phased manner. It is expected that roads and main streets will be covered with trees very soon.


An efficient sewerage network has been laid down in the society which meets the requirement as per latest American Standards and specifications. Reinforced cement concrete pipes ranging from 9“to 42“in diameter have been laid under the personal supervision of our staff to offset any errors.


130 feet wide boulevard & 40-50 feet wide streets are well connected widen roads network with footpaths are exist in the scheme. Further more Sangjani to AWT Scheme widen roads are well connected with the scheme. Also interchange work on M-1 Motorway is in progress which will be completed upto Jan 2014 and it will a milestone and boost the scheme and will give great impact and enhance the further market value of the plots. It also better & easy the approach for the members and savethe time whichis precious at the modern era. On completion of Interchange the members can be enter & exist from motorway in the scheme.


An excellent network of Water supply has been laid in the society. There are four tube wells sunk in the area with a capacity of 2 cusecs each. The depth from which the water has been tapped is 400 to 550 ft. The water has been tested for human consumption as per the laid down standards of World Health Organization (WHO) from authorized laboratories and stands approved. Four overhead tanks with a capacity of 50,000 gallons each have been constructed for storage. These tanks are at a height of 80 ft from ground level. The pipe network has been laid in such a fashion that the entire scheme can be fed with water from tube wells.